Rainy Day Recess


Here are some videos and teacher guides to go along with your science kits from United Streaming. These may come in handy this week for rainy day recess.

The Jeff Corwin Exprience: The Amazon: Aquatic Ecosystem (42:36)

Amphibians: Amazing Animals (22:34)

Animal Profiles: Manatees (13:00)

The Magic School Bus Rocks and Rolls (26:12)

The Magic School Bus Gets Planted  (26:25)

The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm (28:24)

The Magic School Bus: Wet all over (30:04)

The Magic School Bus: Gets Swamped (24:04)

Weathering and Erosion  (20:00)

Greatest Discoveries with Bill Nye: Earth Science (46:59)

Forces that shape the Earth (20:00)

Learning about Natural Resources (22:00)

Book Adventure!

Book Adventure
Book Adventure


Register for free at http://bookadventure.org/ to keep track of all of the wonderful books you share together during storytime.

Parents create an account for themselves and one for their child. Then as you read books you can check to see if a quiz is available for each book. Points are rewarded and can be redeemed for printable coupons that you take to local retailers to receive a prize.

Holiday Activities

Here are some great holiday activities gathered by Robin Martin at the Google Teacher Academy. I copied them from her blogpost.


Make an elfpotato,sand design,Santa face, orsnowflake,

gingerbread person(1), you can
spud yourself or elf yourself with these links!
Jan Brett has a gingerbread(2) site too! Here are my snowflake and
gingerbread(3) creations. You can also decorate a
Christmas Tree (1), Christmas Tree(2),Christmas Tree (3), and another
Christmas Tree (4). Put the lights on the Christmas Village. If you like the cold, make a
snow family(1), snow family(2), or snow family (3). Help Mrs.Claus decorate. If you are not too tired after all of that, try some Christmas Games. Finally, you can have an online advent calendar for your class or family. Here are
10 different choices of online advent calendars.

Have fun!